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Twycross Zoo

Twycross Zoo is one of the UK Zoos featured here on UK Wildlife Parks. Information, news, photos, videos and recommendations about Twycross Zoo.

About Twycross Zoo

Twycross Zoo is well known for it's large collection of chimpanzees.

It is the only UK Zoo to feature all four species of Great Ape.

Twycross was founded by Molly Badham and Natalie Evans in 1962.

Twycross Zoo covers 80 acres and is registered charity situated in Atherstone in the English midlands.

The nearest large towns to Twycross Zoo include Birmingham, Derby, Nottingham and Leicester.

Twycross is home to over 900 animals of 150 different species and is one of the best places to visit in Warwickshire.

What Animals Can You See at Twycross Zoo?

Some of the main animals featured at Twycross Zoo include Great Apes, Monkeys, Amur Leopards, Snow Leopards, Elephants, Meerkats, and Bornean Longhouse to name a few.

The primates featured at Tywcross Zoo are one of the largest collections of captive primates in the world.

At Twycross Zoo there are some fascinating exhibits to see including:-

The Borneo Longhouse - A pathway winds through the exotic bird and animal exhibits surrounded by landscaped aquatic gardens.

Uda Walawe - A Sri Lankan themed elephant walkway which gives stunning, uninterrupted views of four females Asian elephants featured at Twycross Zoo.

Bush Dog and Coati Island

Owl Aviaries

Penguin Lagoon

New for 2013...

Amur leopard exhibit

A Lemur walk-through

Giant Tortoise outdoor walk-about

Tywcross Zoo also features its own Nature Reserve providing a unique haven for visitors to soak up the great British wildlife.

Featuring mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds and invertebrates Twycross zoo is a great day out for the whole family.

Some Featured Twycross Zoo Photos and Videos

Featured videos about Twycross Zoo and some featured photos from our wildlife photos section of Twycross Zoo and the animals at Twycross Zoo.

Zoos - Featured Videos About Twycross Zoo
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Information About Twycross Zoo

Welcome to our page about Twycross Zoo one of the UK Zoos featured on UK Wildlife Parks.

Twycross Zoo

Twycross Zoo's Website

Twycross Zoo Website

Twycross Wildlife's Address:

Where is Twycross Zoo?

Twycross Zoo

Burton Road, Atherstone, Warwickshire, CV9 3PX

What is Twycross's Phone Number?

Contact Telephone Number:

0844 474 1777

Opening Times?

For up to date information about Twycross Zoo's opening times this information is featured on their website

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