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Marwell Zoo

Marwell Zoo is one of the UK Zoos featured here on UK Wildlife Parks. Information, news, photos, videos and recommendations about Marwell Zoo.

About Marwell Wildlife

Marwell Wildlife as it now likes to be called was formerly known as Marwell Zoological Park.

The Zoo founded by John Knowles and opened in 1972.

Marwell Zoo or Marwell Wildlife as it is now known is a 140-acre zoo and registered charity situated at Owslebury near Winchester, in the English county of Hampshire.

Marwell is home to over 1,200 animals of 235 different species and has been voted one of best places to visit in Hampshire.

One of the charitable activities at Marwell is the international conservation work, with a particular focus on Africa. One of the reasons that Marwell has renamed itself is to promote it's wider conservation activities.

What Animals Can You See at Marwell Wildlife?

Into Africa which features giraffes, antelope, porcupines, weaverbirds and monkeys.

Heart of Africa which features to bongos, Congo buffalo and Lake Malawi cichlids.

Tropical World which is a large glass house filled with rainforest creatures including a dwarf crocodile, poison arrow frogs, piranhas, tarantulas, frilled lizards, leafcutter ants and others.

Roof of the World is themed along the Himalayan mountain range and exhibits snow leopards, owls and takins in natural surroundings.

World of Lemurs

Penguin Cove home to a large number of Humboldt penguins.

Aridlands & Desert Carnivores which features sand cats, addax, gazelles, locusts and spiny mice

Encounter Village includes a walk-through aviary for African birds, a reptile house housing rare species such as Gila Monster and Madagascan Tree Boa, a snail unit, chipmunk and lovebird aviaries. There is also a toddler's play area, kiosk, and a shop.

Australian Bush Walk which features wallabies and an aviary.

Life in the Trees  is a section modeled on an Indonesian rainforest it features a traditional long boat house as the centrepiece. This exhibit is home to siamangs, anoa, Asian small-clawed otters, Prevost's Squirrels and treeshrews.

African Valley features Giraffe, Grevy's Zebra, Ostrich and Waterbuck roaming free in 25 acres of land centred around a waterhole.

Formal Garden which includes a knot garden, parterre garden and a kitchen garden as well as a self-guided 'tree trail'.

Some Featured Marwell Wildlife Photos and Videos

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Zoos - Featured Videos About Marwell Wildlife
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Amur Tiger at Marwell Wildlife Park Mexican Knee Spider at Marwell Wildlife
Amur Tiger at Marwell Wildlife Mexican Knee Spider as Marwell
White Rhino are Marwell Wildlife Park Ocelots at Marwell Wildlife Park
White Rhino at Marwell Wildlife Ocelots at Marwell Wildlife
Zebra at Marwell Zoo Penguins at Marwell
Zebra at Marwell Wildlife See more Marwell Photos

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Information About Marwell Zoo

Welcome to our page about Marwell Zoo one of the UK Zoos featured on UK Wildlife Parks.

Marwell Wildlife Park

Marwell's Website

Marwell Zoos Website

Marwell Wildlife's Address:

Where is Marwell Zoo?

Marwell Wildlife

Thompsons Lane, Colden Common, Winchester, Hampshire SO21 1JH

What is Marwell's Phone Number?

Contact Telephone Number:

01962 777407

Opening Times?

For up to date information about Marwell Zoo's opening times this information is featured on their website

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