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Bristol Zoo Gardens

Bristol Zoo is one of the UK Zoos featured here on UK Wildlife Parks. Information, news, photos, videos and recommendations about Bristol Zoo.

About Bristol Zoo

Bristol Zoo is formerly known as Bristol Zoological Gardens.

Bristol Zoo was opened in 1836 and is the world's oldest provincial zoo.

The Zoo is a Victorian walled zoo located between Clifton Down and Clifton College, near Brunel's Clifton Suspension Bridge.

Bristol Zoo covers a small area by modern zoo standards of about 12 acres but in 2010 opened a second venue call The Wild Place in Bristol which is 135 acres in size.

The UK TV series "Animal Magic" hosted with Johnny Morris in the 1960s helped make Bristol Zoo a household name. Johnny Morris famously giving fun voices to all the animals there acting as their keeper.

Bristol Zoo has some breeding firsts as part of it's animal conservation projects. Bristol Zoo was the first zoo to bread a black rhino which was born in 1958. Bristol Zoo also bred the first squirrel monkey born in captivity in 1953 and the first chimpanzee born in Europe in 1934.

What Animals Can You See at Bristol Zoo?

Seal and Penguin Coast - The Seal and Penguin Coasts, is a major attraction at the zoo. Seal and Penguin Coast features South American Fur Seals and African Penguins that can be watched both above and below the water. The two pools contain 145,000 gallons of salt water, with waves made by an artifical wave machine, waterfalls, rocks and pebble beaches to simulate their natural habitat. The exhibit has a large net over the top to allow Inca Terns and Common Eider Ducks to be kept in the same enclosure.

Explorers Creek - Features three areas – a water play area, a tropical bird house and a walk-through Lorikeet feeding area.

Gorilla Island - Home to a family of western lowland gorillas, which are the largest animals kept at Bristol Zoo. As well as an indoor house which is also home to okapi, they have a large island which they share with the De Brazza's monkeys from Monkey Jungle. The Gorillas are herbivores, and are not aggressive. However the keepers do not enter their island home because it is the Zoo's policy to keep the animals' captive environment as similar as possible to that of their natural African forest habitat.

The Terrace - Chandra and Moti, the Asiatic lions at Bristol Zoo. The Terrace is one of the oldest parts of the zoo and is home to a pair of lions, keas, red pandas, fruit bats and flamingos as well as Twilight World which was the first such exhibit to offer the daytime visitor the chance to view the twilight behaviour of nocturnal animals. By exchanging night and day, the animals (which are awake during their 'night') can be observed during daylight hours. The lights allow a natural transition from night to day and vice versa.

Twilight World is split into four zones:

The Desert featuring sand cats, mongooses, rattlesnakes, kangaroo rats and geckos.
The Rainforest featuring slow loris, mouse deer, sloths, owl monkeys, aye-aye, possums and mouse lemurs.
The Cave which features scorpions, blind cave fish and naked mole rats.
The House which features rats and mice.

Reptile House - This is a heated house that houses a collection of reptiles and amphibians.

There are three sections to the Reptile House:

Desert which features gila monsters, geckos and tortoises.
Rainforest which features dwarf crocodiles, terrapins and snakes
Rearing Room where visitors can view the raising of reptiles and amphibian and also learn about the zoo's conservation work.

Outside, but still part of the reptile house is a giant tortoise and Rhinoceros iguana enclosure where the animals have access to a heated indoor house and an outdoor enclosure.

Aquarium - The South East Asia tank in the zoo aquarium. The Aquarium has around 70 species of fish. The aquarium has three sections:

The Amazon River featuring catfish, pacu and piranha.
Africa which is about chiclids.
Coral Reef which includes seahorses, corals and fish.

There are several exhibits of conservation significance on view. Notably, there is a display of endangered cichlids from Lake Barombi Mbo in Cameroon, Africa, and a display of goodeidae from Mexico.

Bug World - Bristol Zoo's collection of invertebrates (animals without a backbone), includes invertebrates such as Lesser Antilles hercules beetle, mole cricket and Poor Knights' giant weta. Other displays include tarantulas, black widow spiders, giant millipedes, honey bees, leaf-cutting ants and flamboyant flower beetles.

Zona Brazil - The section of the Zoo is home to some of the Zoos largest animals. The tropical house has Amazon tree boas and tarantulas. The two monkey enclosures have Geoffrey's marmosets, Black lion tamarins and Titi monkeys

Outside, there are aviaries for Red-tailed Amazon parrots, an enclosure for Golden lion tamarins and three linked paddocks for Tapir and Capybara.

Monkey Jungle and Monkey Islands - Monkey Jungle, which features four new exhibits replacing the old monkey house. An enclosure is home to Red Ruffed Lemurs and Ring-tailed Lemurs where visitors can walk in with the lemurs without any barriers or bars. The other enclosures are home to Lion-tailed Macaques, Black Howlers and De Brazza's Monkeys which also have access to Gorilla Island.

The islands opposite Gorilla Island house a family of Squirrel monkeys, a pair of Agile Gibbon, Saki Monkey and also Golden-headed lion tamarins.

Butterfly House - Butterfly Forest - A Butterfly and Moth house opened at Bristol Zoo in 2008. The undercover walk-through is housed in a sustainably-heated, climate-controlled polytunnel. Species on show include the blue morpho butterfly, the glasswing, the Leopard Lacewing and the giant atlas moth.

ZooRopia is an aerial ropes course within the zoo grounds giving visitors the chance to swing alongside some of the Zoo's most popular inhabitants – gibbons, gorillas and lemurs. It is the first ropes course in Europe that is accessible to children as young as five and set within a zoo.

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Bristol Zoo Gardens

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