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Keepers News - Submit News Page

UK Wildlife Parks "Keepers News" submission page. This page is for staff and keepers at Zoos, Wildlife Parks and Safari Parks around the UK to submit news and information to the UK Wildlife Parks website about the parks they work at and animals in their care. To keep our wildlife park fans informed.

Please note that all submissions are human reviewed before publication so if you are not in this category please don't waste your time submitting an article it will be deleted without publication. Please complete BOTH the following two steps.

Step One - Your news article for "Keepers News"

Headline (The title of your news article - four to ten words include at least part of your Zoo or Park name in the title):

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Please write your news article content here (include your Wildlife Park, Zoo or Safari Park name, and any contact details to include in the article. Use at least approximately 100 words or so to be informative) :

Your Wildlife Parks Name and Keepers Name (first name is fine):

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Step Two - Notify Us of Your Article Submission and any other information

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