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UK Wildlife Parks, Safari Parks and Zoos

Safari Parks UK Safari Parks UK

Safari Parks UK

Safari Parks in the UK are also featured here on the UK Wildlife Parks website. Contact details, information and updates about Safari Parks in the UK. Below are links to Safari Parks around the UK.

Some Featured Safari Park Videos.

Featured videos from or about some of the Safari Parks featured here on UK Wildlife Parks.

Over 70 wildife parks wildlife centres now featured and many of these parks are "Safari Parks".

Safari Parks tend to feature animals from Africa such as lions, tigers, giraffes, monkeys and other animals you would see if you went on Safari!

But you can go on Safari for the day here in the UK!

Safari Parks - Featured Videos
Refresh the page to see a different Safari Park video about Longleat Safari Park for example (if available). The F5 key on a PC will refresh the page or use the "refresh" button in your browser. We hope you'll find the UK Wildlife Parks website of Wildlife Parks, Safari Parks and Zoos helpful. The wildlife videos we feature are updated regularly.

Our Safari Parks directory below lists Safari Parks throughout the UK including parks in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

This directory page has links to some of our Safari listings but you may want to check our regional pages for more additions and information about Wildlife Parks and Zoos. Many of the videos shown (try refreshing the page) have been made and shared by members of the public via Thanks to those contributors.

Safari Parks in the UK

Safari Parks in North Eastern England

Thee are no featured Safari Parks in North Eastern England but we do feature some Wildlife Parks in the North East of England.

Safari Parks in North Western England

North West England | Cumbria | South Lakes Wild Animal Park in Dalton-in-Furness

North West England | Merseyside | Knowsley Safari Park

Read more about Zoos, Safari Parks and Wildlife parks in North West England

Safari Parks England

Safari Parks in the the English Midlands

Midlands of England | West Midlands | West Midlands Safari Park in Bewdley

Read more about Zoos, Safari Parks and Wildlife parks in the Midlands of England

Safari Parks in England

Safari Parks in Eastern England and East Anglia

Eastern England | Bedfordshire | Whipsnade Zoo and Safari Park in Dunstable

Eastern England | Buckinghamshire | Woburn Safari Park in Milton Keynes

UK Safari Parks

Safari Parks in South Eastern England

South East England | Kent | Howletts Wild Animal Park in Canterbury

Safari Parks UK

Safari Parks in South Western England

South West England | Wiltshire | Longleat Safari Park in Warminster


female lion in a lying in a tree zoos at Safari parks UK

Scottish Safari Parks

Safari Parks in Scotland

Northern (Mid) of Scotland | Sterlingshire | Blair Drummond Safari Park in StirlingGiraffe at Safari Parks UK

Welsh Safari Parks

Safari Parks in Wales

There are no Safari Parks feated in Wales but we would recommend you take a look at the Wildlife Parks and Zoos in Wales.

Recommend a Safari Park

Our goal is to feature all the Safari Parks in the UK that you can visit for a Safari day out with the family.

If we are missing a Safari Park you can recommend a Safari Park for us to include.

You can also make your recommendations about what Safari Parks to visit and what animals to see at the Safari Parks around the UK.

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Safari Parks in the UK

Welcome to our page about the Safari Parks featured on UK Wildlife Parks.

UK Safari Parks

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If manage a Safari Park in the UK which is not listed on UK Wildlife Parks please let us know.