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Camping Near Wildlife Parks

camping near wildlife parks

Kids love Wildlife Parks but kids also love camping.

What better way to keep the kids entertained and educated about the natural world they live in but to take them camping.


Kids love camping and there are over 2000 campsites in the UK that you can camp at.

There are lots of websites about camping in the UK and you can find many if not most of the UK's campsites on Campsite Directory which is a directory of campsites all around the UK covering every county.

The best thing to do is find the town and postcode for the Wildlife Park you are planning to visit then use the directory on Campsite Directory to search for campsites in that town or postcode.

Try using the first half of the postcode e.g. RG1 and miss of the second part if you need to widen your search.

The outdoors is such a great place for kids to let of steam and learn to appreciate the world around them plus camping is not only great fun and it is a cheaper way to get out and about often at weekends or in school holidays with the whole family.

Many campsites these days have very good amenities, loos and pitches.

Campsites get kids closer to the natural world they live in and some of the local UK wildlife.

What better way to start a wildlife weekend that to visit a wildlife park, safari park or zoo and camp out at a campsite nearby.

Camping With the Kids

If you are looking for some hints and tips for camping with the kids you should check out the camping with the kids website.

Ideas for how to make your camping expedition with the kids enjoyable and how to get the most out of camping with the kids.

Not only do kids love wildlife parks they also love camping.

The main things are to go preapred.

Be prepared for wet weather and have suitable warm clothihng and reasonably good camping equipment a waterproof tent is a great start!

Plan your camping trip ahead and get the kids involved in the planning process.


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