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Folly Farm Adventure Park and Zoo Now On UK Wildlife Parks

We have added Folly Farm Adventure Park and Zoo to the UK Wildlife Parks website.

Folly farm is a very popular visit attraction in Pembrokeshire, South Wales.

Originally a dairy farm since 1988 Folly Farm has expanded and added new animals and enclosures and now features over 250 animal in 50+ species making it worthy of a UK Wildlife Parks dedicated page.

So welcome to Folly Farm to the over 70 Zoos, Wildlife Parks, Safari Parks and Seallife Aquariums now featured on the UK Wildlife Parks website.

We will be featuring photos and videos about Folly Farm to help our users get a good insight into Folly Farm when planning wildlife days out for the family.

The new Penguin Coast enclosure added in 2013 has proved extremely propular with the kids with the first baby chick arriving in 2014 already!

Plus coming to Folly Farm in summer 2014 are a pride of African Lions!

Exciting stuff going on at Folly Farm.

We particularly like the fact that Folly Farm have a good emphasis on wildlife and conservation eduction, that is always a good thing.

Folly Farm has been added under our Zoos category.