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Birdworld is one of the Bird Parks and Bird Centres featured here on UK Wildlife Parks. Information, news, photos, videos and recommendations about Birdworld.

About Birdworld

Birdworld was opened in 1967 and is one of England's largest bird parks and covers 26 acres.

There are approximately 150 species of bird at Birdworld and over 600 birds.

Birdworld is located south west of the town of Farnham, close to the village of Rowledge in surrey South East England.

Birdworld includes an Underwater World, aquarium, and children's farm called Jenny Wren Children's Farm. 

There are over 100 bird enclosures at Birdworld and many of our birds at Birdworld are threatened in the wild and are part of international breeding programs to ensure the survival of their species.

What Birds Can You See at Birdworld Bird Park?

Just a few of the many birds you can see at Birdworld include:












... and a lots more birds

Some Featured Birdworld Photos and Videos

Featured videos about Birdworld and some featured photos from our Wildlife Photos section of birds and animals at Birdworld Bird Park.

Zoos - Featured Videos About Birdworld
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Toucan Bird at Birdworld humboldt penguin under water at Birdworld
Toucan at Birdworld Humboldt Penguin at Birdworld
Parrot displays at Birdworld Ostrich at Birdworld
Parrot displays at Birdworld Ostrich at Birdworld
large variety of birds to see at Birdworld Great Family day out at Birdworld
See more Birdworld photos Great day out for the kids

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Welcome to our page about Birdworld one of the UK Bird Parks featured on UK Wildlife Parks.


Birdworld's Website

Birdworld's Address:

Where is Birdworld?


Holt Pound, Farnham, Surrey, GU10 4LD, UK

What is Birdworld's Phone Number?

Contact Telephone Number:

01420 22992

 or 01420 22140

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