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uk wildlife partks websiteOur goal is to provide an informative wildlife website that is clear and easy to use, well written, with interesting sections and features about Wildlife Parks, Zoos and Safari Parks around the UK.

Do we fulfill that goal and to what extent?

It is a subjective matter of opinion to some extent but your feedback and opinion counts and we invite you to "rate our website".

We have teamed up with to provide the following easy to complete rating questionnaire that should take you less than a minute to complete all four steps.

To make it easy for you the website scoring is in the form of multiple choice point and click answers that is why it is so quick to complete. Each step is independent and covers a different aspect of the website. Step 4 is an overall rating.

rating step oneRate for Quality of Content on UK Wildlife Parks

The following simple multiple questions enable you to quickly and easily rate the content of the pages on the UK Wildlife parks site. This is about the quality of information provided on the website and how well it is written and presented.

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rating step twoRate for Ease of Navigation on polls and surveys feedback polls

These questions are about how easy you find it to navigate around the website and find what you are looking for or find information on the website.


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rating step threeWebsite design, look and feel for UK Wildlife Parks

The questions about website design, look and feel are about how professional or visually likeable you find the website. Design aspects such as overall appearance, colour schemes, images and page layout.

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rating the website - step fourYour Overall Website Rating for

Give the UK Wildlife Parks website your overall rating. How likely would you be to recommend the website to a friend. 

Thank you for your feedback for this website at UK Wildlife Parks we use feedback to make improvements based on user feedback.

Thank you for taking the time to give us your feedback.

Your Feedback

Part of our "Feedback" section.

We value your feedback and suggestions. We love wildlife and our guess is that you probably do hence you are here on our site.

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